Cognition signs up to Allstar's EcoPoint Programme - Turning unavoidable CO2 emissions from fuel into new woodlands

14 June 2021

At Cognition Land and Water, we have already achieved Net Zero Carbon ahead of programme.  As the company grows, we will continue to focus on reducing our carbon production but until that time, part of our production is offset through various programmes such as: 

  • Bringing clean energy to households and small businesses in India through innovative solar power solutions.
  • Supporting installation of highly efficient cookstoves in Ghana, which reduce emissions, improve health and create jobs.
  • Providing safe, affordable and effective water filters to Kenya, improving health, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering the rates of deforestation. 

Until we have our fully electric plant and vehicle fleet in place (this is already happening at Cognition), we continue to rely in part on fossil fuel driven vehicles.  This is an unfortunate and inevitable reality of business but one that we can mitigate.  However, in addition to the offsetting measures listed above, we have also signed up to EcoPoint. 

EcoPoint is a partnership between Allstar and Forest Carbon to allow holders of Allstar fuel cards to offset carbon production from their business miles in new certified carbon woodlands in the UK and globally.   The new UK woodlands are quality assured by the government’s Woodland Carbon Code and projects outside the UK are certified under one of the leading carbon standards used in the international voluntary carbon market.  Over time these new woodlands will not only capture a vehicle’s carbon dioxide, they will also help to reduce flooding, provide habitats for nature, capture other atmospheric pollutants, purify rivers and offer recreational spaces.  Further details of the programme can be found here

At Cognition Land and Water, we have committed to reducing the offset element of our emissions over time and stay proactive, adopting and developing more sustainable remediation methodologies, selection of materials and energy sources we use. 

If you want any more information about our approach to Net Zero and the actions we are taking to reduce our environmental impact, please contact Tomaz Vernik on