Cognition drone surveys proving their value on site surveys

7 January 2021

Cognition Land and Water has recently invested in drone (UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology to support us on site surveys and collecting powerful imagery for client presentation, community engagement, tendering and marketing purposes. We have purchased the industry-leading DJI Phantom 4 PPK and invested heavily in training, technical support and analysis software. Following some intensive training and testing on a number of sites, we have received our commercial licence to operate the UAV for business purposes. Now that the word is out and our site managers and technical teams understand the power and value of what this technology can deliver, demand for it’s use is increasing rapidly across the company. Presentation imagery, visuals for community engagement and volumetric analysis for tenders and projects including interim contract measurements are just some of the uses now at our fingertips. The recording quality is pretty astonishing and we are getting great accuracy from initial surveys we have carried out. Additional features such as a sophisticated Obstacle Avoidance System take the worry out of collisions or damage (to the drone and the survey subject) and make non line-of-sight surveys a possibility.


If you would like more information or would like to see examples of the outputs from our surveys, please contact Jack Goddard on


Our UAV is perfectly suited to controlling and measuring earthworks

Powerful analytical software allows merging of imagery and topographical data to produce highly accurate DTM

With a few clicks, the volume of a site stockpile can be calculated