One step closer to the Sustainable Management of Surplus Soils

12 December 2020

CIRIA's upcoming guidance on the Sustainable Management of Surplus Soils was recently profiled in the AGS November 2020 newsletter.  Cognition Land and Water is delighted to be funding the project.  Our Technical Director, Andy O’Dea, is also a member of the Project Steering Group, representing both Cognition Land and Water and also the Contaminated Land Working Group of the AGS (Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists).  It is hoped that this badly needed clarification and guidance will become the industry’s ‘go-to’ reference for all of those involved in the excavation, generation, reuse and (all too often) disposal of site won soils.  The aim of the guidance is to promote and simplify opportunities to sustainably reuse surplus soils.  Should you have any queries on the research project or about the surplus soils generated on your site, please contact Andy O’Dea on or 07833 873 065.