28 August 2020

Andy O’Dea, Technical Director at Cognition Land & Water, has recently renewed his membership of RemSoc, the only UK society dedicated to the remediation of contaminated and brownfield land.  The society was established by a group of professionals and practitioners working in the remediation sector.  It consists of consultants and contractors with a broad knowledge and significant experience of the industry, the market and clients we serve.  The aim of RemSoc is to provide a platform and community for collaboration and sharing of information with other like-minded parties.  As a group, RemSoc promotes the safe and technically sound implementation of contamination remediation with a special focus on the development of early career professionals. 

Andy has been a member of RemSoc for several years.  Following his recent appointment as Technical Director at Cognition, one of his key roles is to promote and encourage technical excellence in everything we do.  “As one of the leading contamination remediation contractors in the UK”, Andy said, “closer association between our staff and organisations such as RemSoc is long overdue.  With our resolute focus on innovative, pragmatic and cost-effective remediation solutions that satisfy the requirements of all stakeholders, it is right that our people actively participate in and lead the work of our industry’s professional bodies.  I am looking forward to getting more involved with RemSoc to share our experiences, learn from our colleagues and promote best practice in our industry for the benefit of all.”

Andy O’Dea - Technical Director