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We Await Kuwait

18 July 2017

The Kuwait Oil Company has approved Cognition’s request to supply soil remediation services in Kuwait.

Following an exhaustive approval process, Cognition can now supply Remediation Services in Kuwait.

The Kuwait Oil Company is responsible for the implementation of a number of projects for the remediation of oil-contaminated soil within KOC oilfields damaged by Iraqi invasion against Kuwait and 1991 Gulf War. The programme involves a largescale environmental remediation and restoration undertaking, funded by the United Nations. The destruction of almost 700 oil wells, which took over a year to bring under control, resulted in a complex variety of oil contamination including wet oil lakes, dry oil lakes, contaminated piles, coastal deposits, oil-filled trenches and well-head pits.

Now an approved supplier, Cognition will be able to participate in future tenders to clean up the desert.

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