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Priory Works - Cognition provides solid ground for new homes development

12 October 2016

Cognition prepares the site for the foundation phase by improving the geotechnical characteristics of the soil.

Cognition was commissioned to carry out soil stabilisation works at Priory Works, Tonbridge with the aim of making the ground suitable for regular strip foundations to be laid for the new residential development.

Cognition drew up a stabilisation design with the aim of improving the geotechnical characteristics of the site soils while markedly reducing project costs for the client by reusing the soil on site. The unsuitable ground was first excavated before being backfilled and stabilised in situ in line with the clients requirements. Geotechnical testing was then undertaken to demonstrate that the soil specifications had been achieved prior to handover back to the client. Cognition successfully delivered the project ahead of the scheduled programme of works thereby providing the opportunity to commence the foundation construction phase earlier than previously anticipated.

priory after.jpg Priory works site priory before.jpg Pre demolition works
small transparent gif for site construction purposes