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Cognition Funding CIRIA Guidance into Management of Odour on Brownfield Development

7 May 2024

CIRIA is the Construction Industry Research and Information Association. They are an independent, not-for-profit body doing work to address issues, challenges, and opportunities for innovation and development across the built environment and construction sectors.

Their research projects are often used to manufacture guidance documents for industry professionals.

They are starting a new project surrounding good practice for odour management on contaminated sites and Cognition will be funding this research. The project aims to provide guidance to help construction and contaminated land professionals involved in brownfield projects deal with issues such as how to manage odour related issues on brownfield projects, how to plan and implement mitigation and control approaches, and how to manage the local community when odour is an issue.

We look forward to supporting CIRIA in bringing this important research and guidance to the industry to support continual improvement in the management of construction sites, and maintaining strong relationships with the communities within which we work. Also, our technical director, Andy O’Dea, is on the Project Steering Group to ensure the guidance this research produces reflects the needs of contractors.

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