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What is Cognition doing for Stress Awareness Month?

24 April 2024

April is Stress Awareness Month, in which Cognition is providing staff with the tools, space, and knowledge to prevent and reduce stress in the workplace to support their mental health.

We will be having a toolbox talk on this topic emphasising the 5 R’s of addressing stress:

1.           Reach out and have conversations.

2.           Recognise the signs and causes of stress.

3.           Respond to any risks identified by agreeing action points.

4.           Reflect on the actions taken – have things improved?

5.           Make it Routine to check back in on how things are going.


For more information on this please view the link below:

April is Stress Awareness Month: tackle stress in the workplace with five steps in five weeks


This will be issued to all live projects, to act as a reminder of the effects of stress while at work, and stress-related issues to look out for so that we may support one another in stressful times.

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