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How is Cognition Making Steps to be More Asbestos Aware?

2 April 2024

As we are amid Global Asbestos Awareness Week (April 1st – 7th), HSE is calling on our support to share their ‘Asbestos & You’ campaign with our workforce to help ensure the protection of our workers’ health.

‘Safety at our Core’ is an ongoing campaign here at Cognition, demonstrating that Health and Safety is rooted in all we do. The ‘Asbestos & You’ campaign provides us with a great opportunity to show one of the ways we ensure that this commitment is upheld.

Cognition will be presenting a toolbox talk, followed by an open discussion with site teams, on the importance of ensuring that all personnel on site are reminded of how vital it is to be Asbestos aware. Also, a HSE leaflet, providing a ‘Quick Guide to Asbestos’, will be shared amongst all site teams.

Please use this link to find out how you can be more asbestos aware: Asbestos & You

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