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Cognition appointed to carry out new phase at Royal Wharf!

8 March 2016

Following the successful works on phases 1 – 3 of Royal Wharf, Cognition have once again been appointed to continue with phase 4 of the project in Silvertown.

Following the successful works on phases 1 – 3 of the Royal Wharf development, we are very pleased to announce that Cognition have been appointed to develop phase 4 of the project, which is the one of the largest areas of residential development in London.

Cognition have worked together with the stakeholders over the last 2 years to develop the site from the outset, and helped provide large scale savings to the client. Phase 4 works will commence in Jan 2016 and are expected to last for 6 months.

The project is one of the largest ongoing remediation operations in London with a value to date of £15 million.

Cognition's works have involved:

  • Installation of a PRB (permeable reactive barrier) – a 400m long cut off wall inserted into the ground of the site boundary, specially designed to treat ground water and preventing contamination migrating off site. This wall was designed following consultation of the EA and Local Authority.
  • Stabilisation of 45 acres of pile mat with a Cognition design to maximise the re-use of site won materials and thereby present significant cost savings to the client.
  • The movement, treatment, segregation, backfilling and stabilisation of over 200,000m3 of site won material.
  • Effectively dewatering the site under the license of Thames Water, including treating all ‘hot spots’ of contaminated water detected during the discovery strategy.
  • Carried out all proof excavation across the site to check for obstructions prior to piling.
  • Carried out initial site clearance and demolished numerous former warehouses and associated buildings across the site.
  • Civil works, including surface drainage for a permanent 0.5 acre park on site and installation of a 320m road to the developments sales suite. This road was constructed with a Cognition design using capping materials, manufactured from site crush materials, as a road base. This resulted in 80% less tarmac being required, achieving significant cost savings for the client.
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