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Andun Engineering Consultants Sing Cognition Praises

27 January 2023

Andun Engineering Consultants, our go-to temporary works designers, have recently given a presentation on their key projects of 2022.

You can view their LinkedIn post here.

 For Angus Holdsworth, Managing Director at Andun, the project that sticks in his mind from 2022, for all the right reasons, was the temporary works for installing and removing propping for the Silvertown TBM launch chamber.  Angus gives a great summary of the engineering and logistical challenges faced by the project team in the delivery of the temporary propping for this nationally significant major infrastructure project.  Lots of great value engineering and lateral thinking by Andun Engineering Consultants!  Many thanks to Angus and all the team at Andun for contributing to the success of the project.

 If you want to know more about Cognition’s capabilities in deep excavations and major infrastructure projects, please contact Technical Director, Andy O’Dea, on

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