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Cognition and St William get glowing report from Environment Agency

20 December 2022

Cognition Land and Water has been commissioned by St William Homes to carry out contamination remediation, ground improvement, earthworks, enabling works, pile mat construction and piling attendance at their Bow Common Gasworks site that is being redeveloped with 1,450 new homes over five development phases.

As part of these works, St William and Cognition have consulted and liaised closely with the Environment Agency to ensure that the remediation and materials management strategies are agreed well in advance of the works.  As part of this process, the Environment Agency carried out a site audit in December 2022 to ensure that we are carrying out the works in accordance with the agreed strategy and specification.  We are happy to report that the audit was a great success; the EA officers were very happy with the site operations, management and record keeping and even went so far as to say in their follow-up report that “the site is one of the best I have visited, being managed very well”.  They were also impressed with materials management and some of the innovations put in place by Cognition saying “we were really pleased to see the odour suppressant in operation and to hear about all of the proactive engagement that has been carried out with local residents.  Notably, we were very pleased to see well organised stockpiles including the bunding for possible contamination, and information regarding plant machinery easily accessible via QR codes on the display board”.  Their closing remark that “if all future sites at this stage are presented and managed the same we will be very pleased” was particularly satisfying.

We would like to acknowledge the positive stance of the Environment Agency on this site in terms of proactive approval of the remediation strategy and the pragmatic approach to materials management and onsite reuse under DoWCoP.  We would also like to praise our project management team and all the team onsite for all their hard work and diligence in the delivery of the works and maintaining the high standards we set ourselves at Cognition.

 If you would like to know more about our work at Bow Common Gasworks or are interested in having the same high quality contamination remediation and ground engineering at your site, please contact our Technical Director, Andy O’Dea on or 07833 873 065.

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