Klondyke, Isle of Sheppey - Project Update

22 November 2021

As reported in earlier articles (here and here), Cognition has been appointed by Swale Borough Council and Homes England to carry out extensive remediation, enabling works, earthworks, ground improvement and land raising at their Klondyke Site on the Isle Of Sheppey as part of the ongoing Queenborough and Rushenden regeneration.

Throughout the project we have actively engaged with the local community to keep them updated, to provide comfort and reassurance in relation to the ongoing works, and to make available a direct point of contact in the rare instance of an impact from the works on the local community or road network.  This engagement has been done through newsletters, mail drops, and providing updates on the local community Facebook page through the elected local counsellor, Cllr Beart.  Our most recent update can be viewed here and provides a timelapse sequence of aerial photos (taken during our regular in-house drone site surveys) showing progress.

 If you have any queries about the Klondyke project or the services provided by Cognition in general, please contact our Technical Director, Andy O’Dea, on andy.odea@cognitionltd.com.