Cognition Getting our Ducks in a Row!

27 July 2021

Reducing our environmental impact and managing our operations and site works to minimise adverse effects on local ecology are key issues that Cognition looks to address and improve upon continually.  This approach and culture is promoted and instilled in all staff through inductions, toolbox talks and regular newsletters.  So, it was great to hear recently that our site staff at one of our Oxfordshire remediation sites went out of their way to lend a helping hand to the local wildlife. 

A family of ducks (mother and 10 ducklings) had wandered onto our site and became stranded.  They had spent much of the morning circling the Site, including through the working area, seemingly looking for a way out.  Spotting their predicament, our Site Foreman gently gathered the ducklings into a bucket and gradually lured the mother to the remediation zone boundary where the task was then handed to the Remediation Site Agent.  They then carried on the operation and got the mother and ducklings safely to a nearby pond.  Neither the duck nor the ducklings seemed to have been affected in any way by their adventure and merrily went on their way. 

A nice example of cooperation amongst site staff to get a job done demonstrating the more caring side of construction workers that is not always well presented in the media.  We are happy to promote our sensitive side for the good of the industry and the protection of our shared environment. 

If you want to know more about what Cognition Land and Water are doing to continually improve our environmental performance, please contact our Environmental and Sustainability Manager, Tomaz Vernik on