Expert Project Management

Cognition Land and Water operate on a belief that the construction industry would benefit from a more open and collaborative approach and we have become a leader in regeneration by following this principle – we are very experienced people who have consistently delivered.

We use our expertise and knowledge of the entire construction lifecycle to develop sound strategies, which are then translated into fully realisable programmes and plans that are delivered on time and within budget. This means the same high standards are achieved on projects as diverse as’’ Royal Wharf, Nine Elms Battersea, Hinckley Nuclear facility, Chiswick to a small inner London housing estate’.

Our project management approach – ‘overcoming challenges with innovation’

We consider all projects are bespoke and we can demonstrate in the real world 100’s of times we've added significant value on every construction project we have delivered. London is a difficult environment to work in and around our drive for more agile, smarter ways to provide a strong solution for our clients means many of our projects demonstrate innovation that challenges conventional thinking and sets new industry standards.

Recognised in the industry for our exceptional track record across a range of project types, CLW takes a balanced approach to contracting, ensuring that our clients, people and supply chain work together and innovate wherever possible to provide certainty of delivery – we are part of one team with a shared objective. Our Client testimonials are our finest proof.