Due to our Clients wishing to procure additional services we have been contracted to a significant number of demolition projects in and around London and have developed a first-class team able to deliver both simple and complex demolition contracts.

We have a wealth of expertise and knowledge as well as an experienced, qualified, and highly motivated supply chain including one of the Countries leading demolition consultants.

Our consistent approach of treating all projects as bespoke ensures all projects are carefully evaluated within our project management appraisal system to identify both the techniques that will provide the safest method of demolition and ensure maximum recovery of recyclable materials.

We always work closely with our clients from the inception of a project, through initial project definition, working through outline and detailed proposals and designs and ensuring where required third party approvals.

Our main emphasis always remains 'safe and successful delivery to the highest standards possible'.

Examples of our demolition works in action include:

-          The demolition of the former B&Q and Homebase superstores in Wandsworth to make way for residential development

-          Demolition of the former sewage treatment works in Burgess Hill, including all tanks and structures and the removal of the underground tanks and pipework for a new residential development.

-          Demolition of buildings and underground structures at Royal Wharf for subsequent commercial development

-          Dismantling of the former Marsh Mills refinery in Plymouth constructed of large asbestos clad warehouses, subject to an active nuclear material permit and constrained by roosting bats